TIME 2008

International Workshop on Trust in Mobile Environments

June 17th 2008, Trondheim, Norway
Co-located with IFIPTM 08 - Joint iTrust and PST Conference
Conference on Privacy, Trust Management and Security

Proceedings now available online: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-362

Goals and Objectives

of the TIME Workshop

Trust is a vital issue in mobile computing if applications are to support interactions which will carry data of any significance. Consider, for instance, exploring a market place: which vendors should one prefer, and why; how can a user establish the provenance of an item, etc. Various trust models have been developed in recent years to enable the construction of trust-aware applications. However, it is still not clear how robust these models are, and against what types of attacks; how accurate they are in capturing human characteristics and dynamics of trust; how suitable they are to the mobile setting. Mobility brings in orthogonal complexities to the problem of trust management: for example, the transient relationships with the environment and other users calls for an investigation of the dependency between trust and context; the lack of a clear shared control authority makes it difficult to verify identities, and to follow-up problems later; the limited network capability and ad-hoc connectivity require the investigation of novel protocols for content sharing and dissemination, and so on.

This workshop seeks to explore the issue of trust modelling and management in mobile computing, integrating issues from computational theory to sociological implications, from systems implementation to usability. This workshop aims to:

  • Enable the sharing of current understandings and new findings
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and concepts arising from different approaches, thus informing each other and identifying new possibilities and problems
  • Provide a forum for discussing alternative approaches and for researchers to form new contacts